Expats’ Guide to Singapore: Educational Activities for Young Kids

4 Mins Read 18 Mar 2023

If you are an expat parent in Singapore who has just stepped off the plane and have to now convince your kids that their new home is every bit as exciting as you promised it would be, then you have to trust this list! Singapore has activities and programmes aplenty all around town to engage, entertain and teach kids and it is just a matter of knowing where to be at the right time.


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Singapore is a public library galore! Wherever you might be, chances are very high that there is a public library within close proximity and most libraries also feature spacious, beautifully furnished children’s sections (we especially love The Tree House at the Central Public Library) with a variety of age-appropriate books. But more than just the tempting selection of books, there are also some great programmes for kids such as Baby Lapsit Programme, regular storytelling sessions, Jiggle, Read & Rhyme sessions and Play@Library sessions (incorporate unstructured play with developmentally appropriate toys and more).

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Parks and Gardens

It goes without saying that kids love the outdoors and luckily for you Singapore is also popularly dubbed “The Garden City” owing to the numerous gardens and parks that can be found around the island.

For a start you can use this guide to locate the perfect green spaces for your children to frolic around. Young kids might especially love places like the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in Botanic Garden.

What many don’t know is that there are also many kid-friendly activities and events such as this drama series organised around some of these parks. And you definitely have to keep your eyes peeled for the annual Singapore Botanic Gardens Children’s Festival!

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Bring your kids to the right exhibitions and museums and you won’t have to be dragging them across the floor to stop them from destroying the exhibits!

Start with The Art Ground which offers an age-appropriate environment for kids to enjoy art. Kids are welcome to interact with the exhibitions by climbing through, over and under installations.

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The National Gallery Singapore also has a space dedicated to kids’ curious hands and minds in the form of Gallery Kids where there are activities and avenues for children to learn about art in an hands-on manner. There are also regular programmes like Book in a Nook – a storytelling session for kids as young as 3 years old – and Stories in Art to boot!

Need we even sing the praises of ArtScience Museum where exhibitions such as  Into the Wild deliver an enthralling experience for kids of all ages. While very young kids might not be able to appreciate the intent of the exhibitions, it is a wonderful beginning point for them to learn more about animals and the wild.

Science and Discovery

No one is too young for science! If you think otherwise, KidsSTOP at Science Centre Singapore will change your mind. Toddlers as young as 2 to 3 years old can participate in a plethora of science programmes that prompt them to think about the world around them through inquiry and play!

Creative Exploration

Playeum: Children’s Centre for Creativity is teeming with possibilities for kids to play, create and innovate. Think of it as a makerspace of sorts which encourages unstructured play but also guarantees your child’s creative growth as they get to toy around with ideas and materials in a way they wouldn’t get to at home.


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